SkyTick T01 Camera
COVID-19 Scanning Machine

The SkyTick T01 Camera is a Face Recognition + Temperature Detection Thermometer which can be deployed in airports, offices, banks, schools , security agencies stations / government agencies to combat COVID-19 Transmission.

SkyTick T01 Camera

SkyTick T01 Camera is a Non-contact face recognition + body temperature detection door (also known as body temperature security door), can achieve accurate matching between passersby and temperature through face recognition and non-contact temperature measurement, with high temperature measurement accuracy and response speed The advantages of fast, round-the-clock online monitoring, and rapid deployment can replace the original temperature gun, establish the first line of defense, and perform rapid body temperature screening to reduce the risk of cross infection of infectious diseases

Suitable for: traffic / education / shopping mall / industrial areas with high human traffic. Through the three core advantages of high efficiency, accuracy and intelligence, it helps epidemic prevention and control in places with high human traffic. Mobile arrangements can be made as needed, and infrared measurement Distance, temperature measurement mode, 300ms can complete the temperature measurement of personnel (within 0.5m), the temperature measurement accuracy of the product is ± 0.3 ° C;

Benefits: (1) Scanning of Temperature at a long distance (2) Detection of COVID-19 Patient through thermal and temperature measurement (3) Face Camera - Computerised Facial Detection.

Areas You can Use SkyTick T01 Camera

Areas of Application

It can be applied to subway, airport, train station, bus station, port terminal, school, community, hospital, building park, shop and other large traffic scenarios.

It can conduct temperature screening for the crowds in the channel and public area, and report the alarm after the high temperature is found, which is convenient for statistics and report analysis.

Ai + non-contact medical precision temperature measurement + intelligent personnel management + Big data intelligent statistics solution.


Recent Deployments| SkyTick T01 Camera

This thermal scanner is what the airlines use at their final departure gate. If the passengers temp is consistently more than 37.5,
the passenger is sent back to test at the quarantine zone and the doctors will decide whether he or she can travel or not.
There is no test kit testing at the gates!

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