Skytick FFE2 Rucksäcke
e-Instant-Foam Fire Extinguisher

A battery powered backpack firefighting effective tool. 3X the performance of old firefighting tools. Employing a mix of Foam & water to fully effectively quench fire outbreaks in seconds.

Air-blow assisted foam water

Intoducing Skytick FFE2 Rucksäcke e-Instant-Foam Fire Extinguisher


  • Efficient fire fighting foam – instant foaming
  • Fill up fire-fighting equipment niche! (in-between using fire extinguisher bottles and fire engines )
  • Connect standard fire hydrant & hose – Fast Response
  • One/Two-person mobile operation – accessibility
  • Efficient fire fighting at confined space
  • Connect standard fire hydrant
Areas You can Use FFE2 Rucksäcke

Areas of Application

Wide applications to different fire scenes and classes: Oil rigs, Wildfires, Gas stations, Factory workshops,

  • One units can tackle mutli-task fire fighting: against ‘Class A’ + Class B + rubber + batteries’ fires simultaneously
  • Fast response and foam efficient against re-ignition eliminates the need for larger scale fire fighting and minimize losses of property
  • Connect with existed fire-fighting facilities for urban and warehouse situations

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Download Our Brochure (PDF)

You can download our PDF Powered Brochure to learn more about Skytick FFE2 Rucksäcke e-Instant-Foam Fire Extinguisher. It contains the specifications, compactibility, sources, how to use, indoor and outdoor usage. It also contains images of testing and proofing of the product.

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