AFT & KnapSack Demonstration
@ Federal Fire Service, Abuja

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AFT & KnapSack Presentation @ Old Parade Ground | Federal Fire Service | Abuja

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AFT Products | KnapSack Fire Extinguisher | Federal Fire Service | Abuja
AFT Products | KnapSack Fire Extinguisher | Federal Fire Service | Abuja
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SkyTick's CEO/MD Engr. Jerry Wesley During the Demonstration
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AFT Water Mist | Trolley Demonstration with Mr. Jerry & FFS Officials | Abuja
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FFS Top Official with Engr. Jerry Wesley | AFT Demonstration | Abuja
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AFT Trolley Demonstration | FFS Official Looks On | Abuja
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During the AFT Water Mist Demonstration | Engr. Jerry Wesley Looks on |Abuja
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AFT Water Mist Presentation | Federal Fire Service Top Officials | Abuja
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Mr. Nabil Saad of AFT/SkyTick Demonstrates "how to" Instructions | Abuja
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Federal Fire Service CG | During AFT Water Mist Demonstration | Abuja
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Mr. Nabil Saad With Federal Fire Service Top Officials | AFT Demonstration | Abuja
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SkyTick Team | Mr. Nabil Saad with Engr. Jerry Wesley & Stephenie Nwanko | Abuja
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Federal Fire Service | Top Officials Receives Lecture on How AFT Works | Abuja
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KnapSack Fire Extinguisher in Action | Federal Fire Service | Abuja
KnapSack Fire Extinguisher In Action | Federal Fire Service | Abuja

AFT Demonstration at Federal Fire Service | Abuja

Mar 19, 2019 Fire Fighting

The Federal Fire Service, the apex fire fighting body in Nigeria, in collaboration with SkyTick Technology Global Limited, a fire stopping Company and Advanced Fire Fighting Technology AFT, a German-based fire fighting equipment production company has unveiled new fire fighting equipment at its headquarters in Abuja Yesterday.

“We can Certify your product and we can procure your product for proffesional fire fighting. So in doing that, we have to be thorough on the kind of equipment you have, where you do them, where you assemble them and where to deploy them. So much of what you have shown us is at the level of first-stage fire fighting, that is why you use the word medium stage fire fighting. I understand perfectly well. We need further interaction after this stage.”

- Federal Fire Service DG


Head, Administrator and Supply, Gerald Quintus Azogu said “we received a proposal from a German company to bring some modern equipment for demonstration for us to see the usefulness and effectiveness of their product. The equipment is called AFT. You know it not the kind of fire you fought in the 70s you fight now.”

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